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Who are we ?

We are a Quebec media company, which was created to help lavish entrepreneurs grow their numbers and brand awareness, online. We are marketing specialists, in the medical and beauty fields. Our setmission is to guide you in your strategyeof sales and marketing, so that your company reaches its full potential, in terms of figures and attention.


Digital Marketing + Sales Psychology + Brand Awareness + Education + Funnel + Community


Hi! My name is Reem. My passion for marketing began when I started my studies at McGill in public relations. After finishing my program, I decided to continue my studies in marketing at HEC. To this day, I take courses to update myself, in the face of trends. After several years in the corporate world, I realized that I wanted to make a bigger impact and  I started working on projects for small businesses in the medical aesthetic field.

Over time, I realized that I wanted to share my passion for marketing, sales and psychology full time. This is when I went from an employee to an entrepreneur.


When you create an effective marketing plan, you get excited about the future of your business and it becomes part of what drives you to grow.

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